Event Highlights of 2023

Visit our booth among some of our partners during the Sportsman's Exposition, Fandango Day Parade in Alturas, and Modoc District Fair in Cedarville.

Sportsman's Exposition, Fandango Day Parade, and Modoc District Fair

We welcome you to come join us at our booth to sign-up for our Defensible Space and Residential Chipping program, enjoy some swag to wear, take our brochures and flyers with best practices for preventing wildfires, and to share in the fun of these events!


Modoc Fire Safe Council booth at Sportsman's Expo in Alturas Veterans Memorial Park.


Modoc District Fair Parade in Cedarville with Smokey the Bear and our friends at the Modoc National Forest USDA/USFS.


Fandango Day Parade down main street in Alturas towing the big wood chipper for our Defensible Space & Residential Chipping Program.


Cedarville High School with our wildfire prevention and mitigation partners: CalFire, BLM, Modoc National Forest USFS/USDA, Modoc RCD, and Modoc OES, performing education and outreach.


Our partners from CalFire and BLM making positive impressions with students in observance of the National Wildfire Prevention Week in October.


The SCOTTY trailer helping to train the youth to know when to dial 9-1-1 and speak with emergency responders.

Education Outreach

Our Modoc Fire Prevention and Education Committee members and partners shared topics such as:

  • When to dial 9-1-1.
  • "Tools not Toys".
  • Campfire preparation safety and how to thoroughly extinguish it before walking away.
  • A powerful testimony of a home fire survival story with questions posed to the audience of how the loss of their home could have been prevented.
  • Smokey the Bear story of the bear saved and brought back to health after a wildfire.
  • Defensible Space diorama with common defensible space items, ignition sources, and retrofits.
  • Captain Cal & Smokey the Bear appearances.
MFSC Education Outreach MVA Canby

Wildfire Prevention in the Classroom

With the help of our partners, Modoc Fire Safe Council brings wildfire prevention, home ignition assessment, and critical thought to our surroundings into the classroom. Students learn to keep vegetation and other fuel sources at least 5' away from the base/foundation or from overhanging the home's roof. Keep firewood stacks 30' away from the home. Screen in the underside of porches and decks to prevent debris and embers out. Choice of materials such as Class A fire resistant and metal roofing, ventilation screening finer than 1/8" and other home hardening retrofits to make your home resilient to embers.