Franklin Canyon Fuel Break

The Modoc Fire Safe Council along with Federal, State and local agencies identified Franklyn Canyon just south of Davis Creek as a critical area for fuels reduction and wildfire mitigation when prioritizing projects for the Modoc Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Due to years of drought Franklin Canyon was experiencing tree mortality in a rapid rate. The road that runs through Franklin Canyon was also heavily overgrown which narrowed the road considerably.

The Modoc Fire Safe Council received two grant awards in 2014 to construct a 60 feet fuel breaks (covering 29 acres) along Co. Rd. 52 and around two privately owned parcels in the Canyon. The project was broken into two phases and received funding from two different sources.

CalFire SRA Fire Prevention Fund Cooperative Agreement funded Phase 1 one of the project which constructed the fuel break along Co. Rd. 52 to improve the egress/ingress. This also allows for improved staging areas for fire personnel to protect property.

The Modoc Fire Safe Council then received a grant from the Cooperative Fire Program of the U.S. Forest Service through the California Fire Safe Council funded Phase 2 of the fuel break project which allowed us to construct the fuel break around the private property boundaries.

Through the treatment prescription we were able to remove hazard trees, thin vegetation along the road increasing road width and visibility, remove smaller trees to increase crown spacing and reduce ladder fuels. The material was piled for winter burning and,  where accessible by road, the vegetation was chipped

Fuel Break Piles of Debris Fuel Break Piles of Debris Fuel Break

Fuel Break Piles of Debris