Defensible Space Program

The Modoc Fire Safe Council has been implementing the Modoc County Defensible Space Program since its inception in 2004 through grant funds derived from federal, state, or local resources.  The MFSC operates this hazardous fuels reduction program under the name Landowner Assistance (LOA), which assists homeowners in creating a 100 feet Defensible Space (or up to its property line) around homes in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) areas, at no cost to the homeowner. The 100 feet clearance around homes helps to slow or stop a wildfire and reduce potential loss of life, property, infrastructure, and natural resources.  The defensible space will also provide a buffer for firefighters during fire suppression activities and will allow additional time for evacuation.

To qualify under the LOA, a homeowner must meet at least one of the following criteria:  

  • Elderly (65 or older), disabled, low-income, or US military veteran.

The MFSC’s  Defensible Space contractor will perform some or all of  the following activities for each home:

  • remove vegetation, debris, and other combustible fuels
  • pruning/trimming trees
  • mow any ignitable grasses that are in the ignition zone
  • rake and remove pine needles
  • remove dry leaves from rain gutters  
  • cut down dead or dying trees
  • chip slash piles that have resulted from the treatment

The LOA will be open annually between June 1 through October 31 (depending on funding availability).

If you feel you qualify, fill out and submit the “Landowner Assistance Program” request form, accessible by clicking here. Then mail to the address shown at the top of the Request Form, or call the Modoc Fire Safe Council at (530) 233-5516.

Fire Safe Council Defensible Space Zones
Fire Safe Council Defensible Space Zones